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I've been observing how your music changed for several last years and concluded that recently you're probably too focused on little background details in your tracks. I started missing those beautiful sound harmonies, that you filled your past orchestral tracks with. Remember, that the perfect mix is when you can't remove any sound or detail, because then the track would lose something and it wouldn't sound as well as previously. For me, this is too full of little SFX sounds. However, you're very experienced creator and, well, you just feel the music and this is your element. Just remember, that simplicity is also beautiful. Keep your work up, music master.

You're actually the best creator on the whole NG. Huge respect, dude.

Big respect, dude. 69/5

I'm not a real expert, but here are some things that are ear-catching for me:
1. It's definitely to quiet. But it isn't a big thing, only boost volume of the whole track, or its elements to make its loudest parts oscilate about 0 to -0.5 dB (or do some compression).
2. It has too much some low noise. It gives to track some cool coldness, but this effect is definitely too loud. Try to turn it down.
3. I'm not really into synthwave, but it's electronic music and this "family" of genres has a lot of high frequencies (>8 kHz) to make it sound as loud as possible. This track is too dark and muffled for me.
4. It needs more contrast. I'm feeling littely bored at the ending of this track (but if you made it as an ambient it's ok)
5. Make it more stereophonic. Many things are in mono.
6. I don't really hear bass. Try to add some quiet sub bass, it will make the track kinda "full".

But it doesn't have only disadvantages. It has nice melody and fun coldness. It helps to feel calm. And remember: it's only my opinion. I like your tracks and keep your work up!

if you've come here for listening to the music that you can jump or dance to, you are at the wrong place. here you have the music that is emotional. melancholic. meditative. the music, that needs deep understanding and interpretation. welcome.

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